A Study on the Usefulness of Facebook as a Communication Tool in Universities

The Social Media Aspect in Higher Learning

Why social media? Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world today and the most prevalent. Therefore, many students, in their ordinary social lives, create strong relationships with other people on the forum. And they socialize online, without any physical interaction. The learning environment has drastically changed because of technological advancements. Today, colleges utilize online learning platforms to impart knowledge on their distant learning program. Since communication is vital in teaching, professors have discovered a new way of making things work out pretty well.

You see, people today spend most of their time online, and there is less reliance on physical literature. Online essays-writing-for-me.com/ searches are increasing, and with the digitization of books, no one is heading to the library any more. Therefore, taking advantage of this social media space instead of alienating it is one of the best strategies for creating a conducive learning environment. Who does not http://web.uri.edu/assessment/files/Thesis-dissertation_defense_evaluation_Dec2011_GradCouncil.pdf have a Facebook profile? Learning institutions, too, have joined the group, using it as an avenue where they post useful information about the school. They know that such posts have a higher chance of being seen than if they were posted on a notice board somewhere. Thus, the essence of social media is all about better accessibility and easier dissemination.

How Do Universities Utilize Facebook for Communication?

Since it is often easier and more convenient to access reliable information using Facebook, it plays a vital role in every student’s life. Teachers and students can easily connect and improve the learning environment. This is achieved through the following means:

  • Instant online discussion: Facebook is the best avenue to communicate in real-time. Everyone in college, from the administration to students and alumni, can create an interactive communication platform where they can share ideas. And it does not require massive resources like a meeting, but only access to the internet.
  • Creating sufficient connections: University staff can utilize Facebook to interact with students, thereby building solid relationships.
  • Knowledge sharing: Facebook is an excellent avenue for easy knowledge sharing between students. Staff can also upload the required material for an assignment that students can download when desired.

The essays-writing-for-me.com capability of connecting at any time on Facebook is also another valuable thing about this platform. Remember that social media sites are not restricted by geography, and you can connect with anyone in the international community. If you find your professor hard to access physically, Facebook is a great way to pose all those burning inquiries.

Today, students can access extended discussions via specially-created Facebook groups. Such efforts increase engagement and interaction, massively cutting down on the feelings of isolation. Facebook has a big audience, and using this avenue for better communication in the learning environment is a massive gain for education advancement.

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