Should Colleges Pay Student-Athletes and How Should They Do It?

Collages should pay student-athletes, because this is only fair, after all.

Colleges earn a lot of money through student-athlete; therefore, they too deserve a share of that cash. It is not fair to claim that they benefit from the scholarships awarded to them. Most of these student-athletes do not care about academics. Student-athletes attend colleges for education, and they never even graduate in the end. The hard work put by the athletes in ensuring they win and are fit for the competition should not be taken for granted; as such, they deserve to be compensated because they spend a lot of time and resources in the gym and field training for these completions.

Reasons Student-Athletes Should Be Paid

Some of the college athletes come from very poor backgrounds that depend on them. The time spent on the field training and practicing should have been used somewhere to earn an extra dollar to support their needy families. Compensating student-athletes will help them to support their families financially.

Paying student-athletes will provide a source of www essaycapitals com income to them. They spend a lot of time taking part in competitions. This time is equivalent to at least a part-time job. This limits them from taking other paying jobs like campus jobs that would help them meet their bills. Although they are given scholarships and few incentives by the colleges, they too need money for recreational activities and food.

Compensating student-athletes, in a way, will attract a wider participation. Many athletes will be willing to take part in sports. However, there is a higher chance that some players will decline because, in the end, there is no incentive. Lack of incentives is a turn off to many talented athletes.

Paying student-athletes will help increase the college graduation rate. This will help limit the dependency to enter professional athletics to earn money to support themselves and their families. Most student-athletes drop out of college to focus on their professional athletics.

Student-athletes are forced to spend their offseason and holidays, including summer taking part in athletics-related activities. In some instances, there is an athlete volunteer activity that they are required to participate, which is mandatory, as such, giving them an income will increase the participation rate.

How it should be done

Colleges and universities should divert money spent on coaches to the players. In as much as we appreciate the work done by coaches in ensuring the players are well trained and prepared, the money on them is too much. Instead of continually increasing payment for coaches, this cash should also be used in paying student-athletes who play the game.

A pay scale will need to be established that will enable universities to remain profitable and athletes to term paper writers stay out of debt. For the success of this program, strict laws and policies should be implemented to curb corruption. Both universities and student-athletes should reach an agreement for mutual benefit benefits.

Considering the hard work and the risks that student-athletes put themselves into, it is their right to be paid by colleges. Paying college student-athletes will ensure that they are out of debt and get the necessary motivation to continue taking part in sporting activities.

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